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The Job Seeker Email Course

Competing for Work Today is Harder than Ever Before

Put Yourself Ahead of the Pack and Learn the Secrets to Scoring a Job They Don’t Teach You Anywhere Else

8 Resume & CV Design Secrets

The 8 things your competitors are doing (and not doing) with their CV to make a great first impression.

Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes commonly made on CVs and get this vital doc right the first time.

Master the Cover Letter


How to get the employer’s attention before they even see your CV using these 4 tips to make you look like the perfect hire.

Best Job Seeking Tools


The 3 best tools you need in your job-seeking toolkit and where to find them plus the scams to look out for that could prove fatal to your search.

Leap the First Hurdle – The Phone Interview

Learn how to secure your chances of an in-person interview with these 8 tips to ace your first impression over the phone.

Interview to Impress

Take deep breaths, know your weaknesses and let your personality shine through… these strategies will ensure you’re ready for the curve-ball questions and achieve interview success.

Lock-In Your Chances

Lock in your chances of success with 20 ways to improve your chances of getting a job.

Keeping Motivated

Strategies for handling the confidence killers nobody talks about and remaining upbeat and enthusiastic during your job search.

Insider Tips from Executive Recruiters

Insider tips from executives who have managed hundreds of recruiters and advised on thousands of hires.

99% of applicants aren’t doing these things, we’ll put you in the TOP 1%!

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